A new perspective on your asset inventory

Easy to use tools for mapping provides a complete overview of your infrastructure

Start with existing data

Experience for yourself how easy it is to get more overview with existing data. We will set up a free demo account for you. Send us your existing data from existing and mapped inventory objects. Whether complete or not, no matter what format.

GNSS – more accurate than GPS

Our hardware also works with GNSS and localizes the objects of your infrastructure to within one meter (for comparison, GPS has an accuracy of 5 to 10 meters). The iLocator receiver sets new standards in precision. And stands for special reliability.

Manually reprocess more precisely

If there is no GPS, or the data is too inaccurate, individual inventory objects can also be edited manually. We use orthophotos, distortion-free and true-to-scale images of the earth’s surface derived from aerial or satellite imagery.

Automatically capture more accurately

A key advantage that you can enjoy only with ilocator is the fast automated data acquisition by motion sensors and self-learning software – without manual transmission errors. This allows for predictions of unprecedented quality and precision.

Continuous inventory update

With each service on an existing object (for example, in a gully cleaning), there is an automatic update about the status and location of the object. This is lightning fast and almost effortless for the user.

No net? No problem.

Even if there is no network available, you can continue working with our hardware. The data is saved. And once your employee is back online, everything is updated automatically.

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